There are no golden rules for long-term success. But clear aims, the constant will to change and an attentive ear for customers and their needs have always been at the centre of the company philosophy of Parzeller print & media since it was founded. Our present success proves that Parzeller print & media continues to be right to take this approach.


Almost 150 years ago, on 5th December 1873, the company was founded in the form of the Fuldaer Actiendruckerei, to supply the people in Fulda and the surrounding area with a regular newspaper. In those days before motors and electricity our manually operated "fast press" was technically innovative and formed the foundation for the success and growth of the company.

Plant expansions and relocations resulting from constant growth finally brought Parzeller print & media to its current site on Frankfurter Straße. Here we are now at your disposal as a printing partner with more than 20,000 square metres of production area and a workforce of approx. 210 qualified employees.

We are aware of our responsibility and will continue to grow.


From the founding to becoming one of the important companies in the printing industry we have been through many processes of change. We are now once again growing rapidly and offer you the most modern machinery, flat hierarchies of responsibility and fully developed logistics from the centre of Germany. With our specialised range we are virtually unbeatable on prices and are increasingly also producing printed materials for clients from other European countries.