The printing industry is a technology-driven business which has developed rapidly since the invention of movable letters by Gutenberg up to the present day. With Parzeller print & media you will find a printing partner that works with the highest level of technology and organisation and is continually developing further.


Our customers require high-quality products for their markets – in clearly defined parameters and with realistic conditions. Our customers are primarily non-fiction and reference book publishers, directory media publishers, schoolbook and fiction publishers and service-providing, industrial and trading companies.

We have made it our aim to custom produce high-quality print products for these customers. Our ambition is concentrated upon producing unbeatable advantages for our customers. We are usually the full-service partner for all aspects of each individual product.

We have decades of experience, the most modern production technology and a high vertical range of manufacture.

The quality of your product depends on the qualification and specialisation of the producer. That is why we have been specialising in coloured compact formats for years. For us this includes coloured books, brochures, catalogues, address directories and magazines in the format range from DIN long (10.5 x 21 cm) to 20.4 x 22.5 cm. In Germany and Europe we are almost unbeatable in this segment.