Printing well is only half the job, because there are still lots of work steps until the product is completed. In the further processing, the quality and reliability of Parzeller print & media are demonstrated once again.


The most modern machinery for the many and varied processing steps are used for cutting, folding, stapling, gathering, gluing, mounting, etc.

We also produce in the field of adhesive binding with two identically constructed machines with up to 27 stations for extensive objects. As in printing, this ensures the greatest flexibility and reliability.

All variants of industrial further processing are feasible and the possible combinations are endless. If you then still have individual requests for processing, please ask us. We know the optimal technical solution for your printed item.

Bookbinding is precise work and the expertise of the employees is a crucial factor. Parzeller print & media has highly qualified employees so that even complicated work can be performed quickly and without problems.

With our specialising in book products in the compact format we also offer highlights for your product as regards the bookbinding: adhesive bindings with a back thickness of up to 70 mm are carried out fully automatically. Hardcovers up to 80 mm can also be produced with embossed covers, bookmarks and dust covers.